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Video: Making of Kim Children’s Library at Sri Raithane Secondary School

SBE Pilot Project Video

COMMITTED believes education gives individuals the freedom to dream the impossible and chart their own destinies. However, often in rural Nepal, education of children is either neglected or not a priority due mainly to poverty. In the communities COMMITTED serves, the financial burden placed on the household is so much that children either do not

Project Update: Fishery in Thangpalkot VDC

Fishery project in Sindhupalchowk has taken bigger shape since June. Barbed wire fencing has been laid around the nursery to protect it from cattle and unnecessary intrusion. The nursery pond, divided into two parts, have been stocked with fingerlings of Common Carp, Grass Carp, Big Head Carp and Silver Carp.  Barbed wire fence around the

Testimonial from a visitor to Shree Raithane School

A friend and former colleague of COMMITTED’s Education Program Director Dorje Gurung Emily Adams accompanied him to Thangpalkot last week. During the visit, Emily inspected the ongoing projects and also conducted an impromptu art activity for the students of Shree Raithane School.  Reproduced below is a reflection of her visit.   After 4 hours on a

Two Taltules of Taltuleshwory

A week or so before our travel to Thangpalkot earlier this month, Kumar Sir told me about a little girl, Sabina, and a small boy, Saugat, whose guardian and family, respectively, were struggling to cover the children’s educational expenses. Sabina Ghale Saugat Gurung The children attend the neighboring school of Taltuleswory Primary School, also in Thangpalkot VDC.