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Bishnu’s Dream Lives On

A little over a month ago, we put out a plea on behalf of a young girl, Bishnu, one of the many casualties of the tragedies that befall Nepalese migrant labourers in Qatar. Within twenty-four hours, three generous people and an organisation in Kathmandu, Higher Ground, donated the necessary funds, ensuring, for the time being, Bishnu did not need

Casualty of Qatar: Shattered Dream?

One of the many casualties of the abuse, exploitation and slave-like treatment of semi- and unskilled Nepalese laborers in Qatar, but something that hardly gets any in-depth coverage in the media and public forums, is the dreams of thousands of young and innocent Nepalese children. A couple of days ago, I received a call from my journalist friend,

Relief for Brothers

You wouldn’t be able to tell from their names. Samir and Sagar are Newari if we go by their surname. But unfortunately with the archaic but traditional system of classifying people based on caste AND the absence of social mobility, the brothers are considered to be Dalits, one of the lowest, if not the lowest,


COMMITTED runs two kinds of sponsorship programs: student and teacher. The student sponsorship program is up and running. Government schools provide tuition-free education. But, many families still can’t meet some of the most basic of expenses–admission fee, exam fees, tie, belt, school bag etc. While the Social Business for Education project (the Fishery) is in the process of

A man on a mission

Dorje Gurung’s story and his reason to travel to Qatar is nowhere similar to those of thousand Nepalese migrant workers but the fate he was met with was pretty much alike and astounding. A global teacher, Gurung, while his tenure as a Chemistry teacher at the reputed Qatar Academy was put behind the bars one