Comprehensive & Revenue Improvement Plans
Reinforcing local governments in addressing their needs and enhancing economic development
Local Governance and Service Delivery
Promoting community stability and transparency
Star Reader & Writer Program
Enhancing reading and writing skills of students
Boat Ride and Local Tourism
Enhancing local tourism with boat ride and fishery attractions
School Improvement Program
Providing poverty- stricken children access to free, sustainable, mandatory and quality education
Construction & Renovation of Schools
Bringing school environment back to normalcy after the devastating earthquake
Social Business for Education
Collaborating with communities to bolster local economies
Education Gives Freedom to Dream
Improving the learning environment in the public education system
Fishery for Poverty Alleviation
Encouraging local farmers to initiate fishery as their livelihood option
Local Governance & Service Delivery (LGSD)

Local Governance and Service Delivery (LGSD) project aims to help set up local governments through tested planning, development process, and resource generation methods. The three core areas covered are service delivery, education, and economic development.

School Improvement Program (SIP)

Improvements in the infrastructure, facilities, curriculum and extra-curricular activities are the primary focus of COMMITTED’s SIP. Program attempts to align with Nepal Government’s Department of Education’s School Improvement Plan requirement of every school.

Social Business for Education (SBE)

Social Business for Education (SBE) are agriculture-based, income-generating projects for both schools and members of the local community. Profits from the SBE are used to make the school self-sustainable as well as to support local community.

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