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Annual Report Summary of 2012

Budget for 2012 COMMITTED US: Total income US $6,737 and Total Expense US $7,181.COMMITTED Nepal: Total Income US $60,678 and Total Expense US $46,286. COMMITTED’s achievement in 2012 has been joyous. For this year, our focus has been the two campaigns — Sikchya Mero Adhikar(Education-My Right), a campaign that seeks to establish free and quality education

Crowdrise Holiday Challenge:…Teach a Man to Fish…

A reproduction of a blog post on his blog, by our Education Program Director, Dorje Gurung, about our fundraising drive. Establishing a Fishery as a Social Business for Education project to finance rural Nepalese children’s education and upgrading the school’s teaching resources and infrastructure. Coming from a low socioeconomic background in Nepal, even as a primary school student in