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SWOT Analysis and Discussion with Municipal Officials

In line with the completion of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) in five municipalities, there was in-house sorting preparation. Based on the feedbacks and information received during FGD, national & local policies and international examples; SWOT analysis was prepared in order to identify municipalities’ strength and weakness along with opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis comprised of 12 different sectors namely: Land Use & Settlement, Health, Disaster and Emergency Response, Transportation, Education, Local Economy Development, Public Works, Environment & Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation, Gender Equality & Social Inclusion (GESI), Transparency & Accountability and Cultural Heritage Conservation.

After the SWOT analysis, a team of COMMITTED’s program staffs visited Bhimeshwor municipality in Dolakha District on July 29, 2019. The objective of the visit was to verify SWOT analysis with key informants such as ward chairpersons, relevant sectoral staffs, and interested stakeholders. The participants actively provided their feedbacks and missing agendas during the program.

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