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SIS Canada in South Korea Visits Thangpalkot

A group of students from SIS Canada in South Korea, accompanied by their Principal Marc Daneault visited Thangpalkot earlier this month. As part of their Spring trip to Nepal, the student raised funds to assist COMMITTED on our quest to build and refurnish the libraries destroyed by the April 25, 2015, earthquake.They were able to raise US$2000 towards it. With US$500 they bought books and library accessories from a publishing house based in Kathmandu for Kumveshwori Primary School in Gunsa. The group handed us the rest of the funds to help us continue our library-related work in the area.(Incidentally, this isn’t the first time they have contributed funds to COMMITTED.)The group went to Thangpalkot on April 8, accompanied by our Education Program Director, Dorje Gurung, and after spending a night in the village, they continued on with their trekking program.While in Thangpalkot, the group had an International Friendly Football Match with the local students the afternoon they arrived. The following morning, they handed over the books to Kumveshwori Primary School officials.

SIS Canada students and Principal ready to hit the road to Thangpalkot.

Football action late afternoon of April 8 on the newly renovated footfall field next to Saat Kanya Primary School. (SIS Canada students are in red.)

SIS Canada student formally hands over the books to a Kumveshwori School official in the library COMMITTED recently built.

The books (in boxes) and library accessory (book sleeves to hang and display books on a wall).

Group photos after the handover ceremony.

COMMITED is very grateful to SIS Canada students and Marc, their Principal, for all their efforts raising funds for our library projects and for visiting us. We hope that this is just the first of many more trips to come! We very much look forward to continued collaboration and support.

Be sure to return for updates on how the rest of the funds are being used.

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