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Construction of Libraries in 4 VDCs in Ilaka 12, Sindhupalchok district commences

The construction of libraries in Gunsa, Baruwa, Bhotang and Bhotenamlang VDCs in Sindhupalchok district is currently underway. The libraries are being built through the Establishing Accountability and Transparency Mechanism in School Governance Project funded by Give-2-Asia. The libraries will be built in the following five schools in each VDC:

  1. Chandika Secondary School, Baruwa VDC
  2. Kumbeshwory Primary School, Gunsa VDC
  3. Bhotang Devi Secondary School, Bhotang VDC
  4. Kshetrapaleshwory Higher Secondary School, Bhotenamlang VDC
  5. Thangpaldhap Higher Secondary School, Thangpaldhap VDC



Construction of library in Kumbeshwory School, Gunsa.

Construction of library in Chandika School, Baruwa

All the above four schools suffered major destruction during the earthquake and require new libraries. In the future, the libraries will not only serve as a reading room for the children but the monthly Village Education Committee (VEC) meetings will also take place in them. The truss and civil work is currently going on in Kshetrapaleshwory School, Bhotenamlang and Bhotang Devi School, Bhotang.

Assessment for construction of library in Kshetrapaleshwory School, Bhotenamlang VDC

Civil work for construction of library in Bhotang Devi School, Bhotang VDC

Civil work underway for construction of library in Bhotang

On the other hand, in Chandika School, Baruwa and Kumbeshwory School, Gunsa the truss and civil work has already been completed. The iron frames for the structure and the tin roofs are now being set up in these two schools as can be seen from the images below. Construction is yet to begin for the library in Thangpaldhap Higher Secondary School in Thangpaldhap VDC. We have set a target to complete the construction of these 5 libraries by the end of July as long as the monsoon does not delay our process.

Iron frames being set up in Chandika School, Baruwa VDC

Tin roofs being added to the structure in Baruwa

Construction of library underway in Kumbeshwory School, Gunsa VDC


  • Nodanath Trital
    Jun 23, 2016 at 11:41 am

    very good job!!!

  • Nodanath Trital
    Jun 23, 2016 at 11:41 am

    very good job!!!

    • CMI Nepal
      Jun 24, 2016 at 04:01 am

      Thank you !

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