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Annual Report Summary of 2010

Budget for 2010

COMMITTED US: Total income US $19,240 and Total Expense US $14,248.
COMMITTED Nepal: Total Income US $60,678 and Total Expense US $14,247.

Our focus in 2010 was to serve the urban communities with little if not much stress in rural areas. We completed the Science Lab and Library Improvement for Kanya Mandir School during the first quarter of 2010. During the second half of 2010, we completed the Computer Literacy Project for Shanti Nikunj School in Maru Tole of Kathmandu. 
Much of our concentration was spent towards fulfilling the prerequisites of our new program for 2011, “Social Business for Education” as a part of part of COMMITTED’s Sikchya Mero Adhikar (Education-My Right Campaign). 
More details at Annual Report- 2010

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