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SMART Visioning Paves Path to Achieving Sustainable Development

The above phrase is familiar to many of us. We know it’s a must to have a vision and bring it on to reality with our action.

Nevertheless, prior to action, there should be a clear vision and COMMITTED strongly believes that ‘SMART Visioning Paves Path to Achieving Sustainable Development.’

Whilst working for developing Comprehensive Plans of municipalities (Damak, Bhimeshwor, Tansen, Waling & Tikapur), COMMITTED in the month of December, visited all five of them to conduct visioning workshops among municipality officials – both elected representatives and departmental administrative staffs. The workshop reflected on the importance of having SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound) plans and conducted various group activities to assist municipalities in creating their vision and mission statements which will be later conjoined in their comprehensive plan as well.

“Vision without Action is merely a Dream. Action without Vision just passes the Time. Vision with Action can Change the World.”  

– Joel A. Barker

Bhimeshwor Municipality


Damak Municipality

In addition to the visioning exercise, COMMITTED also verified sectoral policies and prioritized municipalities’ future programs according to their nature as: short, medium and long term. Verifying policies of sectors, such as Land Use and Settlement, Heritage Conservation, Parks and Recreation, Health, Disaster and Emergency Response, Transportation, Education, Local Economy Development, Public Works, Environment and Natural Resources, was very instrumental to add any missing agendas and feedbacks.

Tansen Municipality

Tikapur Municipality

Waling Municipality

We are hopeful that the visions which each municipality has envisioned, will surely yield greater impact through their robust execution. We are optimistic that these municipalities’ actions in comply with their visions will bring sustainable development and be role models among others across the country.

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