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Reinstating the Fishery as a Social Business for Education and Community Development project in Raithane

We are currently engaged in the reinstatement of our Fishery as a Social Business for Education and Community Development project at Thangpalkot V.D.C, Sindupalchok District. The earthquake in Nepal on 25th April, 2015 disrupted the fishery project which was carrying on successfully at the two nursery ponds in Raithane, Thangpalkot. The boundary walls of the ponds were completely damaged by the earthquake causing the water from the ponds to seep away. Apart from the walls, the earthquake also caused a severe damage to the monks and shutters. With the assistance of funds from the German Embassy we will be repairing the monk and shutter and the walls of the nursery ponds.
The two nursery ponds at Raithane
The monks and shutter installed in both ponds are interconnected to one another by a pipe to manage water, and for harvesting requirements. In order to restore the project, fish feed will also be supplied and cage nets provided. The boat of the pond that is in a bad condition will also be repaired and repainted. Income generated from the fish ponds will be utilized to pay for the deficient operational costs of Shree Raithane Secondary School. Since the earthquake completely disrupted this fishery project, we believe this initiative will help to reinstate it. Moreover, like before the project will not only aid financially constrained households to take up fishery as an income generating activity and thus assist in poverty alleviation but also assist in improving literacy at the school.  
 The monk and shutter of the nursery pond being repaired

The boat being repaired

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