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Orientation on Municipal Information Management System

In the month of June, COMMITTED oriented Waling, Tansen, Tikapur, Damak and Bhimeshwor municipalities on Municipal Information Management System (MIMS).
Key objectives were to aware municipalities on how database management system works, its advantages and the steps towards making municipality digital and smart.
With no doubt, Municipal Information Management System is very useful and reliable system that supports municipality in proper resource management, organized service delivery, disaster management, effective planning and decision making process and so on.
MIMS is an updatable database system which can generate required sectoral data and assists municipalities on proper analysis.

Waling Municipality

Tansen Municipality

Tikapur Municipality

Damak Municipality

Bhimeshwor Municipality

Household and institutional related data required for the development of MIMS were collected, with COMMITTED’s assistance, two years back for the making of Municipal Profile. Development of Municipal Information Management System is one of third phase activities of our ongoing project ‘Enhancement of Local Governance, Service Delivery and Economic Development (EnLoG-SDEG).’

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