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Municipality Revenue Improvement Plans in Three Municipalities

Revenue generation is an important factor when it comes to running local government smoothly. Along with revenue generation, the responsibility of service delivery is another essential factor to be considered by the local governments themselves. Both of these factors are interrelated and needs to be carried out parallelly. COMMITTED, through our EnLoG-SDEG project, assisted Damak, Dhankuta and Tansen municipalities in their revenue improvement plans.

Workshop in Damak Municipality

The focal objective of workshops on ‘Municipality Revenue Improvement Plan (MRIP)’ was to collect and analyze data related to existing revenue source, municipalities’ expenditure heads and identification of own source revenue generation method. Prior to the workshop, revenue related data was collected through revised model of questionnaire and intense interactions with the municipal delegates including Mayor, Deputy Mayor, representatives of several departments like revenue, administration, account, planning, waste management and so on.

Ms. Laxmi Devi Pathak-Deputy Mayor of Tansen Municipality speaking during the workshop

The workshops also included several sessions on discussion of legal and local provisions for revenue generation, identifying possibilities, and developing potential strategies for improving revenue for a few revenue items, in discussion with the entire group.

Group activity in Dhankuta Municipality

Identification of own source revenue is the Local Revenue Consultation Committee’s duty mandated by the Local Government Act 2074.

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