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COVID-19 Preparedness Maps for Municipalities

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal, COMMITTED created informative maps to assist local government in its effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus disease.  We produced these maps to help municipalities respond in areas that are greatly vulnerable to COVID-19 and to mitigate the risk of transmission. The municipalities are: Damak, Bhimeshwor, Tansen, Waling & Tikapur.

The data used in the maps are generated from Municipal Profiles developed with technical assistance from COMMITTED.

Map of Quarantine & Isolation Centers in Damak Municipality.

Due to extended nationwide lockdown, daily wage laborers are greatly affected and are in immediate need of relief materials. This map shows families in Bhimeshwor Municipality whose sole source of income is daily wage.

Proper handwashing is considered to be the first line of defence to control the transmission of COVID-19. This map displays households in Tansen Municipality without direct water supply line, hence making them vulnerable to the global pandemic due to limited handwashing access.

Patients of Cardiovascular Diseases (Hypertension, Heart Attack), Chronic Respiratory Diseases (Asthma, Lung Diseases, Pneumonia), Diabetes and Cancer are considered vulnerable to COVID-19. Households in Waling Municipality with patients of such chronic diseases are displayed in the map.

In Tikapur Municipality, there are approx. 3,578 households with single women and 1,105 households with differently abled persons.


We have been collaborating with all the five municipalities through our project ‘Enhancement of Local Government Service Delivery & Economic Governance (EnLoG-SDEG)’.

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