School Improvement Program (SIP)

Retrofit of Raithane Secondary School, Sindhupalchowk District

Funded by: Western Union, COMMITTED US

Duration: April 2016- April, 2018

Project Background: The school has been receiving support from COMMITTED since 2009 for the repair of their school building, addition of a computer lab, science lab, library and classroom furniture. However, the earthquake of 2015 destroyed most of the school building including the science lab, computer lab and library. Therefore, the project seeks to retrofit the school building and bring the school environment back to complete normalcy.

Activities: In the aftermath of the earthquake, debris was cleared and a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) was built. Most of the school buildings were repaired by other local NGOs. However, because parts of the foundation of the main school block could be salvaged, COMMITTED started retrofitting Raithane School building since April, 2016. The retrofit work is almost finished and the school building will be handed over to the school community by April 2018.

Beneficiaries: 350 students of Thangpalkot and Gunsa wards will be highly benefitted by the revamped building structure with improved teaching and learning environment.