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Year II Activities- Presentation & Discussion with Municipalities

Along with the commencement of Phase II of Enhancement of Local Governments Service Delivery & Economic Governance (EnLoG-SDEG) project, COMMITTED organized an orientation program, on February 12-2019 at Hotel Marshyangdhi- Kathmandu, to present and discuss about the second phase activities with municipalities. The event was mostly focused on giving the municipal officials a clear insight on ‘Comprehensive Municipal Structure, Planning & Service Delivery’ activity designed for Phase II.


The Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Chief Administrative Officers and Social Mobilizers of five municipalities namely Damak, Bhimeshwor, Tansen, Waling and Tikapur were brought together for intense discussion on comprehensive planning process, international planning practices, regulations formulated by National Planning Commission (NPC), Sustainable Development Goals, Revenue Improvement Methods, and the municipalities’ needs for the enactment of project’s future endeavors.

Municipalities officials during the program.

During the discussion, the municipalities’ officials seemed to be proactive and serious about how they are taking this project as their own and not just an NGO’s job to assist them.  In addition, the municipalities also focused on the policy implementation and not just on policy formulation. Furthermore, the timeline for the activities were also shared in order to prepare municipalities on their roles and responsibilities.

The event was also attended by the representatives from The Asia Foundation (TAF), Kathmandu University- School of Law, COMMITTED’s Board Members and the project staffs.

EnLoG-SDEG is a joint venture of COMMITTED with DFAT-TAF partnership which works to strengthen the capacity of several municipalities all over the nation.

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