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Local Governance & Service Delivery (LGSD)

School Governance System

Accountability and Transparency Mechanism in the School Governance System, Sindhupalchowk District
Funded By: Give2Asia

Duration: April 2016- September 2018

Project Background: The project seeks to strengthen local education bodies and assist them in identifying resources for their implementation, including use of the school community. It also aims to create a citizen driven vigilance system to ensure all actors involved in education are transparent, accountable, and diligent in their duties by providing adequate training and support.


  • Conducted a seven days Training of Trainers (TOT) on School Governance and Right to Information (RTI) as a tool for three dozen representatives of Illaka 12, Sindhupalchowk District.
  • Formed Village Education Committee (VEC) in five Village Development Committees (VDCs) Gunsa, Thagpalkot, Thangpaldhap, Bhotang and Bhotenamlang which was later dissolved when the local government structures were renamed and replaced by formation of Rural Municipality Education Committee (RMEC).
  • Oriented 27 schools of Illaka 12 on School Governance and RTI.
  • Built a library each in five schools severely affected by the 2015 earthquake. These libraries in five different wards also serve as the venue for the Village Education Committee (VEC) meetings.
  • Conducted VEC meetings to strengthen its function and formulation of its own Village Education Plans.
  • Provided the twenty seven participating schools with library furniture as well as a set of computer and printer each.
  • Trained school head teachers and members of School Management Committees (SMC) on basic computer skills.
  • Conducted RTI tracking and Monitoring campaign along with a publication of RTI manual.
  • Organized a refresher session on School Governance and RTI at 13 schools of Baruwa, Bhotenamlang and Thangpaldhap wards to reinforce their understanding of RTI and energize the local bodies to improve school governance.
  • Conducted initial sessions for the formulation of Rural Municipality Education Plans (RMEP) by consolidating the School Improvement Programs (SIP) of all schools within its service area.

Beneficiaries: Approximately 4100 students and 19500 adults of Paanchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality.


Enhancement of Local Governance Service Delivery & Economic Governance (EnLoG-SDEG)

Funded By: The Asia Foundation & COMMITTED U.S

Duration: July 2017- June 2018 (Phase I)

Project Background: EnLoG-SDEG aims to aid chosen municipalities in addressing service delivery and economic development within their local jurisdiction through tested planning, development process and resource generation methods. It helps in the development of municipality specific comprehensive base maps of all services in the form of a municipal profile which helps in identifying gaps, prioritize service delivery according to need, allocate funds in weakest but the important sectors, meet public demand and needs and plan future projects and budget estimates.


  • Following a complex point based matrix 22 municipalities were visited and with intense interaction and data collection, 11 municipalities were shortlisted that COMMITTED will closely work with.
  • With the help of Geographic Information System (GIS) data, maps for all 22 municipalities were produced which includes their land use and road types.
  • COMMITTED produced the map of Nepal showcasing its local governments after the country was restructured with the establishment of federal states.
  • A round table discussion was conducted on identifying current urban governance issues with the elected municipal bureaucrats from selected 11 municipalities.
  • Supported a five day intense interaction Program at Amargadhi Municipality, Dadeldhura District with the intent to develop a revenue improvement plan by identifying possible own source of revenue generation.

Beneficiaries: Municipalities, its line agencies, locals and relevant stakeholders.