Local Governance & Service Delivery (LGSD)

Enhancement of Local Governance Service Delivery & Economic Governance (EnLoG-SDEG)

Phase I

Funded By: The Asia Foundation & COMMITTED U.S

Duration: July 2017- January 2019

Project Background: EnLoG-SDEG aims to aid chosen municipalities in addressing service delivery and economic development within their local jurisdiction through tested planning, development process and resource generation methods. It helps in the development of municipality specific comprehensive base maps of all services in the form of a municipal profile which helps in identifying gaps, prioritize service delivery according to need, allocate funds in weakest but the important sectors, meet public demand and needs and plan future projects and budget estimates.


  • Following a complex point based matrix 22 municipalities were visited and with intense interaction and data collection, 11 municipalities were shortlisted that COMMITTED will closely work with.
  • With the help of Geographic Information System (GIS) data, maps for all 22 municipalities were produced which includes their land use and road types.
  • COMMITTED produced the map of Nepal showcasing its local governments after the country was restructured with the establishment of federal states.
  • A round table discussion was conducted on identifying current urban governance issues with the elected municipal bureaucrats from selected 11 municipalities.
  • Supported Public Finance Management workshop on developing revenue improvement plans at five municipalities namely Amargadhi, Belbari, Bhimeshwor, Birendranagar and Ghorahi.
  • Printed Municipality Revenue Improvement Plans of the aforesaid five municipalities.
  • Collected household and institutional data of entire eleven municipalities and published their municipal profiles.

Beneficiaries: Municipalities, its line agencies, locals and relevant stakeholders.

Phase II

Funded By: The Asia Foundation

Duration: February 2019- April 2020

Project Background:  The second phase of EnLoG-SDEG will put into execution citizen centric approaches in preparing comprehensive municipal plans. The plan will assist municipalities to establish the vision, recognize their needs and identify resources to pave the path towards addressing those needs. In addition, support will be provided to municipalities in their data management, development of revenue improvement plans and municipal service indicators.


  • COMMITTED organized an orientation program, on February 12-2019 to present and discuss about the second phase activities with municipalities.
  • Conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGD) in selected five municipalities (Damak, Bhimehwor, Tansen, Waling and Tikapur).
  • Municipalities supported in SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis which was done based on the feedbacks and information received during FGD, national & local policies and international practice.
  • Conducted workshops on creating municipal vision statements and also validated policies and priorities from the Focus Group Discussions.
  • Developed and printed Municipal Comprehensive Plans of all five municipalities.
  • Conducted workshops on Revenue Improvement Plans of Damak, Dhankuta and Tansen municipalities and published their four years’ Municipality Revenue Improvement Plans (MRIP).


Beneficiaries: Municipalities, its line agencies, locals and relevant stakeholders.

Phase III

Funded By: The Asia Foundation (TAF)

Duration: May 2020- March 2021

Project Background:  Phase III of EnLoG-SDEG commenced on May 2020. Activities enlisted for third phase are:

Development of Municipal Information Managment System- This updatable database system assist municipalities to generate required sectoral data and help make analysis for  proper resource management, organized service delivery, disaster management, effective planning and decision making process.

Enhancement of Local Economice Development: COMMITTED has been assisting all the five municipalities in the reinforcement of its Public Finance Management Systems since from the begining of EnLoG-SDEG and we continue to support in the third phase too. Proper implementation and ammendment on Municipal Revenue Improvement Plans (MRIP) along with specific resource generation targets will be identified. Mid-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) will be developed to make expenditure projection for municipalities as per the Intergovernmental Financial Managment Act 2017.



  • COMMITTED produced COVID-19 Preparedness Maps of five municipalities: Damak, Bhimeshwor, Tansen, Waling and Tikapur. We produce these maps to help municipalities respond in areas that are greatly vulnerable to COVID-19 and to mitigate the risk of transmission.
  • Conducted orientation and trainings on Municipal Information Management System (MIMS) to all five municipalities. MIMS is a  digital database management system that helps municipality for proper resource management, organized service delivery, disaster management, effective planning and decision-making process.
  • Conducted virtual workshops on Role of Subjective Committees in Public Finance Management with Focus on Gender Responsive Budgeting.
  • Organized workshops on Enhancement of Transparency  and Accountability Mechanism in Public Finance Management.
  • Developed a start-up guideline for local governments on ‘Land Development Planning & Practices’.

Beneficiaries: Municipalities, its line agencies, locals and relevant stakeholders.

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal for a Database Developer for five EnLog-SDEG working municipalities.

The database developer needs to fulfill the following by November 2020.

1. Prepare a GIS based online application that allows the municipalities to dynamically manage and visualize their locally collected data for their internal needs.

2. Coordinate with the municipality hired party to link the GIS based database management system with tax and other revenue for generating a tax payer mapping need.

3. Create and install the database management system in all the stipulated municipalities and conduct two days on-site training on the usage of the database.

Please submit sealed quotation to COMMITTED’s office before March 22, 2020 with a copy of your company registration and PAN/VAT certificate. Emails and phone calls are not entertained.