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COMMITTED’s Quarterly Newsletter (April – June, 2019)

Municipality Revenue Improvement Plans in Three Municipalities

Revenue generation is an important factor when it comes to running local government smoothly. Along with revenue generation, the responsibility of service delivery is another essential factor to be considered by the local governments themselves. Both of these factors are interrelated and needs to be carried out parallelly. COMMITTED, through our EnLoG-SDEG project, assisted Damak,

COMMITTED’s Quarterly Newsletter (Jan-March, 2019)

Year II Activities- Presentation & Discussion with Municipalities

Along with the commencement of Phase II of Enhancement of Local Governments Service Delivery & Economic Governance (EnLoG-SDEG) project, COMMITTED organized an orientation program, on February 12-2019 at Hotel Marshyangdhi- Kathmandu, to present and discuss about the second phase activities with municipalities. The event was mostly focused on giving the municipal officials a clear insight

COMMITTED’s Quarterly Newsletter (Oct-Dec, 2018)