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Post Earthquake: What We Have Done and Accomplished So Far

Last week, a team from COMMITTED attended the Education Cluster meeting the District Headquarter, Chautara. The meeting was held at the District Education Office. All NGO’s and INGO’s involved in post-earthquake reconstruction in the district of Sindhupalchok were represented.The purpose was to present — to the district officials — details of post-earthquake education-related work NGO’s and INGO’s were conducting in the district.
Reproduced below are some of the important details presented at the three-hour gathering. Click on any image for the original and a slide show.
(NPR and US$ exchange rate is approximately NPR 100.00 = US$1.00. So, just drop the last two digits and you’ll get an approximate value in US dollars.)

For a glimpse into a Temporary Learning Center (TLC), click here. The blog post contains an embedded video of Raithane School TLC.

For more on the Star Reader and Writer program, click here. For some photos of the winter jacket distribution, click here. For more on the work that was carried out on the fishery, click here.

(You can read up on the reconstruction of Taltuleshwori herehere, here and here. For a video of the almost complete school, click here; it’s embedded in the blog post. For some photos, click here.

For some photos of the reconstruction of Chilaune School click here and here. For a video, click here; it’s embedded in the blog post.)

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