Social Business for Education

Of all of the factors affecting a Nepali child’s education, poverty is the biggest limiter. Families often neglect school as a priority because they are struggling to put food on the table, leading many children to drop out or not attend school at all. CMI partners with local communities to create self-sustaining business in an effort to target these problems of poverty. By generating income, the towns we work with can allocate funds to their School Improvement Plan, aligning with a holistic and sustainable model for development.

Our main endeavor with “Social Business” is fisheries. Through collaboration with experts, we have opened multiple fisheries in two VDCs of Sindupalchok district. These ventures are run through local government-led community planning to ensure organization and accountability. Allowing the village community and school to operate the fishery in a cooperative style allows for reciprocal progress in a practical and measurable way.