Working Model

COMMITTED believes in a holistic approach to development, education being at the center of it. While formal education of children is our primary focus, education of adults, as partners in this venture, is also an integral part of what we do.

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We depend on our volunteers not only to administer office related activities but also at the site where they are connecting with the communities we help. Volunteerism is not only critical, but also a part of our strategy that stimulates and energizes our projects. We currently have three different types of volunteer programs.

Short Term Project Volunteer

Throughout the year, COMMITTED – Nepal has short-term, project specific placements available. Generally, these placements involve traveling from Kathmandu to the various project sites and staying with the COMMITTED – Nepal staff while working together at the project sites. In the past, we have built libraries, science labs, pig farms, and held art programs for local students.

COMMITTED – Nepal does not charge Short Term Project Volunteers a fee for volunteering with our organization. Instead we ask the Volunteer to raise U.S. $500 before coming to Nepal to cover the costs of the Volunteer during the project. This money will cover the Volunteer’s expenses, which includes the cost of staying at the previously arranged guest house/hotel at the project site, all meals during the project, and travel to and from project sites. Any remaining contribution will go to COMMITTED – Nepal for the implementation of its programs. Please complete and send the form below to contact the Volunteer Coordinator for further information about Volunteer Fundraising.

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